The Winter Reading provides a complete overview of both supportive and hindering energies in each of seven life theaters during the midwinter season. In addition to your tarot reading, you’ll receive seven personalized affirmations, seven journal prompts for deeper reflection, and seven calls to action to help you create meaningful change in your life.

Part One: Tarot Card Reading (14 Cards)

One “supporting energies” card and one “hindering energies” card will be pulled to provide guidance and insight for each of seven life theaters: love, creativity, career, self-care, wealth, joy, and authenticity. The total length for each reading will range from 1,200-1,500 words, and will be accompanied by fourteen high-quality photos of your cards.

If you’d like to replace life theaters with those that better reflect your goals and interests, send an email to upon purchase indicating which you’d like to omit and which you’d like to add in their place.

For an example of how your written reading will look, check out the monthly tarotscopes.

Part Two: Affirmations

Using your reading as inspiration, I will craft one personalized affirmation for each of your seven life theaters. These affirmations are perfect for use in meditation, daily ritual, and even sigil craft. You may also print them out and put them in your planner or your sacred space to remind you of how strong, radiant, and capable you are.

Part Three: Personalized Journal Prompts

Using your reading as inspiration, I will create a personalized journal prompt for each life theater that helps you explore your reading in greater depth. In a reading where your hindrance was revealed to be the three of swords, for example, you may receive a journal prompt that reads something like this: “How might I navigate my pain with strength and grace so I can move through and heal it?”

Part Four: Call to Action

Using your reading as inspiration, I will draft seven calls to action that correspond with the messages intuited in each of your seven life theaters. Note: these are only suggestions–do not follow or heed them if it doesn’t feel right for you to do so. This is your life and your experience, and you know best whether or not to put any of these suggestions into action.

Why Purchase the Winter Reading?

Winter is a time to reflect, to incubate, to plan, and to get in touch with our deepest longings and emotions in a clear and intentional way.  The Winter Reading offers insight, focus, and structure to these reflections, ensuring that you consider your experience holistically and nurture each theater of life that you care most deeply about. 

This offering organically bloomed from a reading I gave myself, and the subsequent questions and desire for change that arose from it. I can assure you that I’ve greatly benefitted from this reading, and I know that you will, too!

Your tarot reading, affirmations, journal questions, and calls to action will be delivered to you by December 21st, 2022. There are 10 spots available for the Winter Reading, and clients will be served on a first come, first served basis. The last day to purchase this reading is December 2, 2022.

Winter Reading


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