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Tarot Spreads for the Brave and Curious 


Hello, Beauty!

I am beyond excited to be sending you Tarot Spreads for the Brave and Curious, a collection that’s the culmination of years of spread-writing and months of collation and revision. May it be a source of guidance when you’re lost, support when you feel alone, and strength as you mindfully approach the beautiful, nuanced life that is yours.

I wrote these spreads with you in mind, and I hope they resonate deeply and inspire readings that are as unique and beautiful as you are. 

If you feel called to let me know your thoughts or feelings about the book, I would love to hear them (I may even include them on my website)! I wish you all the best in your tarot journey and beyond, and hope that you find Tarot Spreads for the Brave and Curious a welcome companion.

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Much Love, 


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