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Channel your inner High Priestess with three in-depth audio lessons, a 22-minute guided meditation, and 30+ downloadable course pages in this free tarot e-course.

The Reading Tarot Intuitively journey unfolds through these lessons:

Lesson One: What is Intuitive Tarot?

Lesson Two: Pathworking and Sensory Exploration

Lesson Three: Trusting Intuitive Hits

woman holding an ace of pentacles tarot card

As a student of Reading Tarot Intuitively, you will learn:

  • What intuitive tarot reading is
  • Why it’s important to develop your skills as an intuitive reader
  • How to explore tarot imagery through five senses
  • How to bring mindful attention and awareness to your environment
  • How to honor the unique expression of different decks and build your understanding while doing so
woman holding a three of pentacles tarot card

This FREE tarot e-course includes…

A downloadable “Engaging the Senses” pdf workbook with 20+ questions for deeper reflection

Three “Trusting Intuitive Hits” exercises + corresponding journal prompts

…And a 22-minute guided meditation journey for pathworking a tarot card!

printable tarot spreads and journal prompts

All students will also receive Tarot Spreads for the Brave + Curious, a printable e-book that includes over 20 tarot spreads to support you on your tarot reading journey.

Bringing intuitive insight to readings will help you develop your style, distinguish you from other readers, and vastly improve your cardslinging skills. Reading Tarot Intuitively gives you the tools you need to develop this insight, and you can begin the journey for FREE as soon as you sign up.

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Hi Beauty! I’m Jessi.

  • I’ve been a professional tarot reader for 6+ years
  • I’ve been an instructor at the Tarot Reader’s Academy since 2018
  • I’ve provided tarot instruction to 1000+ students.

I can’t wait to teach you what I know about intuitive tarot reading!

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