Self-Love Tarot Reading


A 30-minute tarot reading that shows you how to love yourself again.


The self-love journey is one of a lifetime, and one that we must travel with attention and care if we want to feel worthy and connected. Perhaps you’ve recently neglected your self-love journey, or perhaps you’ve yet to truly set out on it. Either way, you lately…

  • question your worthiness of happiness, friendship, success
  • have trouble forgiving yourself for something you’ve done, even if it wasn’t intentional
  • don’t always let yourself be who you are, because there’s a part of you who believes that you’re not quite good enough

I know how hard it is to be stuck in this paradigm, Beauty. That’s why I’ve created the Self-Love Tarot Reading to help you get back on track!

The Self-Love Tarot Reading gives you the wisdom, insight, and encouragement you need to treat yourself with compassion and care. Let’s work together to strengthen your sense of self-worth!

In this reading, we’ll explore the following questions:

What do you most need right now?

How can you fulfill that need?

How can you be kinder to yourself?

What’s your clearest path to self-loving action?

What’s your clearest path to self-loving thought?

What’s your best defense against falling into critical thought patterns?

What You’re Getting:

This is a six-card reading that’s thirty minutes in length. It’s pre-recorded, uploaded, and sent to you within two weeks of your purchase. If you’d like a live online tarot session with me instead, check out the Self-Love Tarot Session.

What I Need From You:

Upon purchase, please send a paragraph explaining why you’ve gifted yourself this reading to Try to keep your info as direct and relevant as you can so I can address what’s most important to you. Much love, and I look forward to working with you!

What Clients Are Saying

“Your reading was well-organized, cogent, compassionate, empowering, offered philosophy and yet also offered very concrete calls to action.”

Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot