Rebirth Reading


A six-card, 30-minute video reading that embraces transition and paves the way for new possibilities.


Are you in the midst of a major life transition that’s changing how you think, feel, and show up in the world? Do you feel parts of yourself dying off to make space for who you’re becoming? Are you standing on the precipice of a brand new way of being, and is the sensation exciting, challenging, and overwhelming all at once? If so, the Rebirth Reading is for you!

This reading is designed to provide you with guidance and insight as you navigate times of great change in your life. When something within us dies, it inevitably paves the way for a glorious rebirth, one that moves us closer to a self and life that reflects the best of who we are.

We’ll explore these themes through the following positions:

What’s dying away?

What’s being born?

What can I do to support and encourage this transition?

Which last, stubborn thread must I cut so I may move forward?

What perceptual shift must I make to align me with new possibilities?

What waits for me on the other side of this change?

What You’re Getting

This is a six-card reading that’s thirty minutes in length. It’s pre-recorded, uploaded, and sent to you within two weeks of your purchase. If you’d like a live online tarot session with me instead, check out the Song of Myself Tarot Session.

What I Need From You

Upon purchase, please send a paragraph explaining why you’ve gifted yourself this reading to Try to keep your info as direct and relevant as you can so I can address what’s most important to you!

Much Love, and I Look Forward to Working With You!

“I am always so shocked at how you know nothing about me or what is going on, and yet the reading is perfect. These are the best readings I’ve ever had!”

~Becky Billings, Client