Life Path Reading


A six-card, 30-minute video reading that carves the path to the life you’ve always wanted to live.


You often get the sense that something’s calling out to you, or that there’s something you should be doing, pursuing, or exploring with purpose and meaning. You may have an inkling of what it is or you may have no idea, but either way, you can’t manage to lean into the call and discover what it wants to show you and teach you.

This reading supports you as you welcome this new path into your life. It invites you to consider the psycho-spiritual roadblocks that keep you from following it. It provides guidance for locking into your intuition and trusting yourself. It encourages you to lean into resistance and fear so you can find what’s waiting for you.

**This reading is for Beauties who aren’t sure where they’re going and need direction. If you’re feeling disconnected from who you truly are and want to find yourself again, consider the Song of Myself Reading. Likewise, if you know who you are and where you’re going, but want to ensure that you pursue your dreams in an authentically aligned way, the Deepest Desire Reading is a better fit!**

We’ll explore these themes through the following positions:

How might you carve a path that aligns with your highest self?

What difficult truth must you face before you can fully embrace this path?

What’s keeping you locked in stasis and uncertainty?

How can you touch base with your personal power and move where your intuition is  leading you?

What fear must you tackle to take the next step?

How can you love and support yourself as you walk this path?

What You’re Getting

This is a six-card reading that’s thirty minutes in length. It’s pre-recorded, uploaded, and sent to you within two weeks of your purchase. If you’d like a live online tarot session with me instead, check out the Song of Myself Tarot Session.

What I Need From You

Upon purchase, please send a paragraph explaining why you’ve gifted yourself this reading to Try to keep your info as direct and relevant as you can so I can address what’s most important to you!

Much Love, and I Look Forward to Working With You!