Deepest Desire Reading


A six-card, 30-minute video reading that unearths and aligns you with your soul’s deepest desire.


When it comes to setting intentions, I believe that it’s infinitely more important to unearth your soul’s deepest desire than it is to pinpoint the conditions you think will bring you happiness. It’s not about the car, the house, the relationship, or the vacation. Instead, it’s about the creative yearning of your genius, the connections your heart seeks to make, and the experiences that spark your curiosity and joy.

This reading is designed to both align you with your deepest, truest desire and provide the guidance and insight you need to invite it into your experience. If you’re looking to live more passionately, honestly, and authentically, this is the reading for you!

**This reading is for Beauties who know who they are and know where they’re going, but want to ensure that they pursue their dreams in an authentically aligned way. If you’re feeling disconnected from who you truly are and want to find yourself again, consider the Song of Myself Reading. Likewise, if you’re unsure of where you’re going and you’re seeking direction, the Life Path Reading is a better fit!**


We’ll explore these themes through the following positions:

What is my soul’s deepest desire?

What stale beliefs obfuscate this desire?

What changes of mind or heart must I make to live this desire?

How might I invite feelings of compassion, trust, and worthiness into my heart?

What small adjustments must I make to create space for what I’m asking for?

What aligned action might I take to welcome the flowering of this desire into my life?

What You’re Getting

This is a six-card reading that’s thirty minutes in length. It’s pre-recorded, uploaded, and sent to you within two weeks of your purchase. If you’d like a live online tarot session with me instead, check out the Song of Myself Tarot Session.

What I Need From You

Upon purchase, please send a paragraph explaining why you’ve gifted yourself this reading to Try to keep your info as direct and relevant as you can so I can address what’s most important to you!

Much Love, and I Look Forward to Working With You!