Have you ever had a dream that you knew was crucially important, but couldn’t figure out how or why? Do you have the same dream over and over without resolution? Is there a dream that lingers in the back of your mind, begging to be processed and understood? If so, this is the session for you.

In this session, I guide you through the process of analyzing and interpreting your dream so we can uncover the hidden truth it’s trying to convey. You’ll leave the session with a clear sense of what your dream means, how it relates to your experience, and how you might apply what you’ve learned to future choices and actions.


First, you’ll send me as detailed a description of the dream as you can, including any prevalent characters, colors, events, and symbols.

Next, I’ll pour over your description and identify common themes and archetypes so I can generate a theoretical interpretation to share with you when we meet.

Finally, we’ll meet via Zoom and compare my findings with your experience, making sure to create connections between events, obstacles, and patterns of behavior that you’re experiencing. Through this process, we’ll pinpoint the message or messages that your subconscious is trying to reveal to you, and if relevant, we’ll determine a practical course of action you can take to respond to it.

Recurrent dreams tend to work really well in this context, as do dreams that leave an “emotional residue” for days after you’ve had them. As every dream is relevant, however, any that you’d like to explore qualify as worthy of this process.

Dream interpretation can be deeply rewarding, and it has the potential to reveal hidden truths that have eluded you for years. I happen to be particularly skilled in uncovering the meaning of dreams, and if you’re ready to embrace their messages, I’m ready to deliver them to you!


∇ Please send as detailed an account of your dream as you can to jessi@jessihuntenburg.com and be sure to schedule a time for our session by clicking on the scheduling link following your purchase. Much love, and I look forward to working with you!

“I have been doing dream work with Jessi for several years now and always find her understanding of my dreams to be on point, insightful, highlighting of archetypal elements, and helpful in supporting my next step forward. I find dreamwork to be a meaningful spiritual practice, and Jessi is a great facilitator of that process.”

Rebbeca Steele, therapist at Smart Therapy


(price includes the Dream Work pdf workbook)



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