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Are you ready to build a magickal + spiritual practice that’s effective, inspiring, and expansive? If so, you’re in the right place.

At the Mind Witch Academy, we believe that a spirited exploration of magickal consciousness is the key to cosmic love, creativity, empowerment, and joy. Come learn and grow with us!

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Are you looking for a compendium of magickal theory, technique, and practice? If so, the Mind Witch Magick Collection is for you!

Who it’s for: seekers who are looking for both a strong foundation in magickal theory and practices, methods, and tools for crafting magick for specific aims and purposes.

What it teaches: what a spell is, how to choose the best magickal materials to enhance workings, the cultivation of self-belief, intuitive + traditional sigil casting methods, three approaches to crafting poetry spells, money magick spells and secrets, and approaches for creating space for manifestation.

Why you should take it: many of the spells one finds in books and online completely lack explanation or context, making it difficult for the practitioner to understand why they work and how they’re meant to serve us. The magick in this collection is both effective and supported by explanations, insight, and practical applications.

Not only will you learn a variety of magickal practices to use, but you’ll also gain a working knowledge of how and why magick works, and how you can make it work for you.


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