Are you ready to embrace a powerful magickal mindset and create the stuff of your Genius? Align with your joy, passion, and deep inner knowing through a one-on-one session with the Mind Witch Mama!

How It Works:

When you purchase a Magickal Mindset Session and enter your email when prompted, you’ll immediately receive…

a) “The Key to Magickal Fulfillment” 30-minute video lesson and workbook

b) a pre-session questionnaire to complete and send back to me. Your responses will inform the direction of our session, so be sure to be mindful as you craft them!

Once you’ve completed your session questionnaire and sent it to, we’ll organize a date and time to meet. Our session will last for one hour, and it will take place over Zoom.

Towards the end of our session, we’ll agree on a spell, ritual, or action, or shift for you to do that supports the nurturing of your magickal mindset. Once you’ve done this, you’re free to book another session if it jives!

Who it’s for:

~Those who are looking to shift their perspectives and approaches so they may live more joyfully, freely, and in resonance with their truest selves.

~Those who want to expand their possibilities and discover new opportunities, and are willing to suspend doubt and disbelief to make that happen.

~ Those who know in their hearts that they are worthy of joy, delight, and creativity, and want to invite those conditions intentionally and consistently.

WHat it does:

~ Helps you refocus your energy and attention on your innate creativity and your magickal and spiritual expansion and exploration.

~ Helps you reframe conditions, narratives, and circumstances so you can align with your agency and make changes that feel right and good and true to you.

~ Inspires you to live with integrity, authenticity, and bravery.

What it Doesn’t Do:

~ Act as a container for processing challenging experiences and emotions. If you’re looking for someone to hold space for you and to provide healing, you may find a better fit with therapy, counseling, or intentional healing modalities and practices.

~ Teach the fundamentals of magick and witchcraft, and/or provide instruction of magickal practices, approaches, and techniques. If that’s what you’re looking for, enroll in the Mind Witch Academy!

When you purchase your session, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email. Please do–this is how you’ll receive your questionnaire, video lesson, and workbook.

If you’re not redirected upon purchase of your session, please email me ASAP so I can forward you your materials.

You deserve to be a powerful, magickal dynamo who lives in joy and possibility–let’s do this!

PURCHASE A Magickal Mindset Session

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