🌿How to Grow A Genius Garden🌿 is a healing, inspiring, transformative experience of authentic becoming that uses the analogy of planting a garden as its overarching structure. The journey unfolds through a series of video/audio recordings and hand-painted worksheets that I’ve lovingly crafted for you.

Here’s a complete outline of the 🌿How to Grow A Genius Garden🌿 journey, and I’ll be sharing it with you in the exact order in which I’m presenting it here:

Introduction: Welcome to How to Grow A Genius Garden
🌿What is a “Genius Garden?” (video or audio)
🌿How the Genius Garden journey Unfolds (video or audio)
🌿What to do When You Have Questions (text)

Part One: Clear your Plot
🌿Why “Clearing your Plot” is Important (video or audio)
🌿Common “Weeds” in the Genius Garden, and How to Get Rid of Them (video or audio)
🌿Why Taking a Digital Fast is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make (video or audio)
🌿”Digital Fast” Commitment (worksheet)

Part Two: Enrich Your Soil
🌿Why “Enriching Your Soil” is Important (video or audio)
🌿How to Make Time for Doing What You Love (video or audio)
🌿What a “Nutrient Poor” Genius Garden Looks Like (worksheet)
🌿What a “Nutrient Rich” Genius Garden Looks Like (worksheet)
🌿10 Nutrients to Add to Your Genius Garden (worksheet)
🌿My Nutrient Rich Genius Garden (worksheet)


Part Three: Plant Your Seeds
🌿Why “Planting Seeds” is Important (video or audio)
🌿How to Summon Seeds from the Heart (video or audio)
🌿Seed Summoning Guided Meditation (audio) Seed Planting Ritual (worksheets + video)

Part Four: Germinate
🌿Why Germination is Important (video or audio)
🌿How to Meditate: Tips from an Amateur (video or audio)
🌿How to do Nothing: Tips from a Pro (video or audio)
🌿10 Pointless Ways to Exist (worksheet) Tarot Spread to Support New Growth (worksheet)

Part Five: Tend Your Garden
🌿Why “Tending Your Garden” is Important (video or audio)
🌿Lattice: the Structure that Guides and Supports Your Growth
🌿Sunlight: the Energy You Offer (video or audio)
🌿Water: Bathing as Purification + Self-Care (video or audio)
🌿Weeding + Adding Nutrients: The Process Continues (video or audio)
🌿Genius Check-In: Am I Still in Alignment? (worksheet + journal questions)

Part Six: Harvest
🌿Ripening: Becoming a Pure Channel for Genius (video or audio)
🌿Picking: Seeing Abundance and Possibility Everywhere (video or audio)
🌿Cooking: Embracing Divine Creativity Everyday (video or audio)
🌿Sharing: Living and Giving with an Open Heart (video or audio)

Part Seven: Cut it Back
🌿Genius Garden Journey: 10 Journal Prompts for Deeper Reflection
🌿Feedback: How Can I, Jessi, Grow and Nourish the Journey?

Much Love, and I look forward to sharing 🌿How to Grow A Genius Garden🌿 with you!

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