The Genius Garden Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck that invokes your Genius and channels it towards the cultivation of an authentic, creative life. Each of us holds the power to sew and nurture the seeds of our becoming, and the Genius Garden Tarot is a tool we can use to awaken that power and infuse it into everything we do.

The cards in the Genius Garden Tarot are inspired by those in the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, but interpreted in a way that highlights the strength and resiliency of the human spirit. For example, the Death card nurtures the first seedling of rebirth, and the Chariot card champions the idea of finding balance through surrender rather than willpower.  Although the world of the Genius Garden Tarot isn’t without its challenges, it embraces those challenges like a tree that’s seen many seasons: with strength, humility, empathy, and wisdom.

Although I created this deck with the intention of awakening your Genius, it can be used just like any other 78-card tarot deck. As a tarot reader myself, I’m constantly on the lookout for a “go-to” deck that inspires clear, impactful readings, and I wanted the Genius Garden Tarot to fit that bill. I showcased simple, vibrant imagery because I believe it’s the easiest to read with, and I included lots of negative space so you can discover yourself through your interpretations. In short, I endeavored to make a deck that you can read with day in, day out. Consider it your new “workhorse” deck!

Deck Specifications

  • 78-card tarot deck with fully illustrated pip cards
  • Printed on 350 GSM card stock with uv matte finish and gold gilded edging
  • Measures 2.75″ x 4.75″ (70mm x 120 mm)
  • 100-150 page guidebook (70mm x 120 mm or 4″ x 6″)
  • Rigid 2-piece matte box 

The Guidebook

The Genius Garden Tarot guidebook is a 100-150 page perfect bound book, and it will  measure 4″ x 6″. It includes an introduction, an “Invocation of Genius” ritual, three original card spreads, and 78 empowering messages and journal prompts for each of the cards. In many ways, the guidebook is its own oracle, offering insight, perspective, and calls to action rather than descriptions and traditional meanings.

To give you an idea of what the guidebook includes, here’s the entry for the Fool:

The next step on your soul’s journey is a leap, and it’s waiting for you to take it. Dive into the vast unknown with strength and grace. Be brave and meet your challenges head-on. There’s a calling rising within you that won’t be ignored, and the more you resist it, the louder it gets. The time to act is now, so leave off stalling and go for it!

Trust that you have everything you need to navigate the challenges in store. Trust in the guidance of your Genius, that divine inner light that animates and inspires you. And finally, trust in the inherent benevolence of the beautiful cosmic expanse—it will take you where you’re meant to go.

Invitation to Reflect: what fears, uncertainties, or insecurities are holding me back? How might a “genius leap” silence them?

The Genius Garden Tarot is Now Available for Pre-order.

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