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The Reading Tarot Intuitively journey unfolds through three lessons:

🌿 Lesson One: What is Intuitive Tarot? 🌿 Lesson Two: Pathworking and Sensory Exploration 🌿 Lesson Three: Trusting Intuitive Hits

Reading Tarot Intuitively includes a guided pathworking meditation journey, instructional insight from a professional tarot reader, and six compelling exercises for developing intuitive tarot reading abilities.

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Way back in 2020, I invited the brilliant Carrie Mallon to come and chat about her experiences creating the Spacious Tarot. In the time since this interview, knowledge and enjoyment of her deck has only grown, and she’s released an expansion pack to boot! Join Carrie and I as we chat about creating during challenging times, the victory of following through, and the intensity of bringing such a huge labor of love into the world!

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When I first happened upon the The Endless Oracle by Eric Maille, I was immediately taken in by its beautifully dark color palette, stunning archetypal imagery, and inviting art style. As I delved deeper, I realized that this deck was a myriorama deck: one that creates a continuous panorama when the cards are laid out side by side.

I was instantly intrigued–how does one craft a myriorama deck? What are some of the challenges associated with such an undertaking? How did Eric choose his theme and the subject matter for the cards? Rather than wonder, I invited him onto the Genius Garden Podcast to speak about his creative process.

Grab a cuppa, relax, and have a listen to the awesome conversation that Eric and I have about the boons and pitfalls of passionate creativity, big projects, and creative success.

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Jessica Howard lived a childhood that many of us only dream of–nature was her playground, and her keen sense of intuition and observation led her to develop a personal codex of patterns and associations in the natural world. Upon graduating art school, she knew she wanted to marry those associations with the archetypes of the tarot, and thus, the achingly beautiful Forager’s Daughter Tarot was born.

In the premiere episode of Creator Stories, Jessica shares her journey of crafting the Forager’s Daughter Tarot. She talks about what inspired her, how she went from concept to print, and the obstacles she met along the way. She also offers a special story about her relationship with the Hierophant, and how a gentle reworking of this archetype can make it easier to learn from and embrace.

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When we begin something new, the temptation to exercise complete control is strong. We think that if we consciously plot, plan, and conceptualize every step, we’ll be successful. If we throw everything we have at our projects and refuse to come up for air, we’ll eventually emerge with greater fruits than if we left some things to chance, right?


“Chance” is the movement of the Universe through us. It is the spontaneous whimsy and inspiration of our Genius. In essence, it is the divine infused into what we make and create.

We have to give our projects a chance to breathe, evolve, and mature in other areas of consciousness. There’s much more to the creative process than meets the eye; there’s a whole dynamic world whirling behind the scenes that wants to be expressed through us.

Let your creations germinate, Beauty. Give them the space they need to bloom into the wondrous flowers of creativity that they want to be!

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In this episode, Jessi shares why it’s a mistake to place the accumulation of wealth and status in the #1 spot on your list of priorities. True happiness can only be found through channeling the authentic creativity of Genius and building strong relationships with self, cosmos, and others. Does money matter? Of course. It’s just not the most important thing, and when it manages to creep into first place, it causes misery, insecurity, and disconnection.

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In this episode, Jessi tells a story that reveals that patience is a virtue that she continually needs to nurture. She also shares why she believes that the cultivation of patience helps us to follow the path of our Genius with more success and consistency, and how a lack of patience can ultimately lead to self-sabotage. Finally, she shares how certain childhood experiences contribute to impatience, and how mindfulness can bring us the pause we need to think before we act.

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In this episode, Jessi shares a past interview with the fantastic Molly Roberts, author of Art Magick and creator of technicolor crafts with a spiritual focus. Molly shares her thoughts about the importance of art in the spiritual experience, and how creativity can liberate us to live our best lives!

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In this episode, Jessi talks about how a deep attachment to an assumed identity limits the truest expression of our unique, divine Genius. She shares some of the ways she’s fallen into the trap of identity, and how seeing identity for what it is–an outfit we wear rather than who we are–frees us to be exactly as we are in the moment. 

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In this episode, Jessi shares advice for finding the quiet place within that opens a portal to the vast place without. Sometimes all you need to do is find a bench in a sunny spot and see things just as they are.


Close your eyes, relax, and let Jessi guide you through a powerful visualization of the Magician archetype. As both a tarot reader and a tarot deck creator, Jessi brings eight years of knowledge, study, and wisdom to this experience. This brief meditation promises to fill you with both peace and power–you won’t want to miss it!

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In this episode, Jessi shares how and why a build-up of unmanaged stress completely overwhelmed her. Through sharing this story, Jessi hopes to shed light on the importance of setting proper boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and developing a spiritual practice that actively supports the cultivation of peace, balance, and emotional health.


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