Join us in the Genius Garden as we deepen our intuition, nurture our creativity, and find peace and happiness in our lives.

When you become a member of the Genius Garden, you’ll gain instant access to exclusive podcast episodes, guided meditations, tarot deck updates, heartfelt musings, and over 200 journalling and planner pages you can begin using at any time.

When you become a member today, you unlock the following magical offerings:

💚 Genius Garden Journalling Page Collection (20 printable pages)
💚 How to Meditate: Tried and True Tips for Beginners (podcast episode)
💚 “Spontaneous Elegy” Illustrated Poem + Poetry Prompt
💚 Wise Ones Self-Discovery Planner (100 printable pages)
💚 Wise Ones Spiritual + Magical Planner (100 printable pages)
💚 Feelings Magic Mini-Course (video, 2 guided meditations, workbook)
💚 Deity Channeling Through Divination (video tutorial)
💚 The Many Personas of Creator (podcast episode)
💚 Much More!

You’re also guaranteed to receive four brand new offerings each month you’re a member:

1) An invitation to a monthly full moon meetup. I’ll pull a tarot card for each person present, and I’ll answer any questions you may have about the month’s offerings, creativity, spirituality, or whatever strikes your fancy!

2) A written personal story of transformation inspired by tarot cards. In September, I’ll kick off this series with the Fool!

3) One exclusive rambling podcast episode about whatever spiritual, personal, or creativity-inspired topic is foremost in my mind.

4) A brand new guided meditation journey for patrons only.

Patrons also receive $15 off one-on-one tarot readings as well as special offers on courses and products.

To gain access to past and future offerings, you must pledge at the $10 and up levels. At this time, all levels receive all rewards.

Topics may include (but aren’t limited to):

💚 Cultivating Authentic Creativity
💚 Living Mindfully + Freely
💚 Embracing a Magical Mindset
💚 Nurturing Compassion
💚 The Holy Act of Surrender
💚 Tarot Archetypes
💚 Intention Craft
💚 Trust in the Cosmos, Faith in Love, + Self-Belief
💚 Analog Living
💚 Whatever Else Pops Up!

The Genius Garden Membership is intended for two purposes:

💚 To guide, delight, support, and inspire you as you cultivate love, authenticity, creativity, and connection in your life.
💚 To challenge all of us to channel the stuff of our Genius–life’s too short to deny the divinely inspired fire that burns within you!

What Members are Saying:

“What a beautiful and moving thing to wake up to–thank you!” ~Nicole

“I love this! Those pages are beautiful and obviously lovingly created. I’ve already printed out one page while at work to journal with at my desk. Thank you so much, Jessi!” ~Sherri

“Loved this [full moon] meetup. Thank you Jessi, and all that were present.” ~Diana

“This reading was so great to hear. Good reminders on how to be, act, love, grow. You have been helping me become more mindful and knowledgeable, and I am SO grateful for your wisdom.” ~ Sarah

“This was so beautiful, and it warmed my heart. Thank you for sharing it with us!” ~Sky Rose

“I really love the [podcast] format and love hearing your unfiltered thoughts! Very inspiring and uplifting, your voice is like a melody of spiritual growth for me.” ~Rosie

“Your authenticity and integrity are inspiring! I am excited for what is to come.” ~Silja

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