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As the moon waxes, we’re met with an energy flow of abundance–the cosmos aligns with our will and the effort we apply towards manifesting our goals. This is the ideal time to funnel a focused burst of energy towards the workings you began at the new moon, and The Full Moon Reading is specifically designed to help you do exactly that.

In this reading, we’ll explore where it’s most beneficial for you to focus your efforts, actionable advice for sharpening your focus, where your personal power is concentrated, how you can cultivate gratitude to maximize your manifestation potency, and what you need to release as we enter the waning moon phase.

What You’re Getting

∇ A reading that speaks the astrological correspondences associated with this particular phase (for example, the full moon in Capricorn)

∇ A 750 word pdf file

∇ a journal question for deeper reflection

∇ An HD photograph of your five card spread

∇ Details on incense, deck, and crystals used for your reading

What I Need From You

∇ Details on what you’d like the reading to address and focus on

Please send a paragraph or two including the above information  to jessihuntenburg@gmail.com following your purchase. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns, and to do so as quickly as I can! Much love, and I look forward to working with you!

Want to learn more? Discover what to expect in a reading with me.

Full Moon Email Reading

750 word pdf file


Full Moon Video Reading

15 minute video file


New Moon Skype Reading

15 minute Skype session


Note* Once you book a Skype reading, I’ll contact you via email to schedule a time for our session and to request any information regarding your question or what you’d like the reading to focus on. I look forward to working with you!

Here are the current blocks of time that I’m scheduling Skype Sessions:

Tuesdays 11:30-2:30

Wednesdays 11:30-2:30

Saturdays 1:30-3:30





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