• April Tarotscopes: Messages for Every Astrological Sign

    April Tarotscopes: Messages for Every Astrological Sign

    Your April tarotscopes have bloomed and are ready for viewing! Take a deep breath, grab a cuppa, and open yourself to receive the guiding messages of your sun, moon, and rising signs. May the next four weeks give you joy, insight, and plenty of opportunities for Genius creation!

  • Embodiment Tarot Spread

    Embodiment Tarot Spread

    Welcome Back to My Neck of the Woods, Beauty! At the risk of stating the obvious, I LOVE gardening. I love turning up the earth. I love pulling weeds. I love digging my fingers into the dirt and watching the sparkly sheen of its minerals glint in the sun. I love sewing seeds and watching…

  • Finding Focus Tarot Spread

    Finding Focus Tarot Spread

    Welcome Back to the Genius Garden, Beauty!  This week’s offering is a Finding Focus tarot spread that helps you burn through the fog to reveal the glorious possibilities that await you. Why this spread, and why right now? Well, we’re three weeks away from completing the first quarter of the year, and if you’ve yet…

  • Tarotscopes | February 2023

    Tarotscopes | February 2023

    Hello, My Darlings! It gives me great pleasure to offer these messages from The Wildwood Tarot as a balm for what’s often the chilliest, dreariest month of the year. Fear not: the sun is coming. Warmer days are knocking on the door even though we can’t quite hear them yet. Keep your eyes peeled for…

  • Genius Garden Journal # 1: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

    Genius Garden Journal # 1: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

    It’s been eight months since I started painting the Genius Garden Tarot, and I am solidly and officially more than halfway through the painting process! I know that I’ve already announced this here, there, and everywhere, but I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve come this far so I can blow away any doubts…

  • Tarotscopes | January 2023

    Tarotscopes | January 2023

    Welcome to 2023, Beauty–it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and we’re feelin’ good! Since these are the first tarotscopes of the year (and since I want to infuse you with confidence and empowerment), our messages will read like strong, bold calls to action. I’m using the Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris Anne because…

  • How Crashing My Website Freed Me To Be Myself

    How Crashing My Website Freed Me To Be Myself

    Oh, Beauty… One of my worst nightmares came true yesterday morning, and it was one of those “wake-up sweaty in the middle of the night” numbers that’s guaranteed to leave panic and dread in its wake: I crashed my website. I was fiddling around with layouts, and I decided to switch my theme from “Olsen”…

  • TAROTSCOPES | December 2022

    TAROTSCOPES | December 2022

    Welcome to your holiday season tarotscopes, Beauties! This month, I’m gathering guidance and insight from The Endless Oracle by Eric Maille to help you prioritize self-care during this hectic time. May these messages guide and inspire you, and don’t forget to read your moon and rising signs to gain a more holistic overview of the…

  • Growing Closer Tarot Spread

    Growing Closer Tarot Spread

    “The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”~ Thomas Merton Relationships are challenging, even during the best of times. They invite us outside of our comfort zones and…

  • 5 Tips for Writing Powerful, Effective Tarot Spreads

    5 Tips for Writing Powerful, Effective Tarot Spreads

    You’ve got the Celtic Cross down to an art. Your past-present-future game? On point. You have all your favorite tarot spreads saved on Pinterest and Instagram, and you’ve carefully recorded basic layouts from your “little white books” in your tarot journal.  Congratulations– you’re ready to learn how to write your own tarot spreads! Today, I’m going…