3 Compelling Reasons to Back the Genius Garden Tarot on Kickstarter

With one week left in the campaign, the Genius Garden Tarot is nearly funded! Because I’m fully committed to delivering the deck to those of you who’ve already backed it, I’m sharing three compelling reasons to help those of you who are on the fence to make a decision:

1) The Genius Garden tarot is made BY a tarot reader FOR tarot readers.

Have you ever purchased a gorgeously rendered deck by an incredibly talented artist only to discover that it reads pretty poorly? It’s usually because the artist doesn’t really understand the tarot, so the images and the archetypes don’t sync up. Now, I believe that there’s a place for art for art’s sake, but when I pick up a tarot deck, I want to use it.  I want its meanings to come across loud and clear. Otherwise, it does little more than gather dust on my shelf.

I channeled ten years of study and seven years of professional tarot reading experience into creating the Genius Garden Tarot. I know the archetypes like the back of my hand, and it shows. This is not the sort of deck that gathers dust: it’s accessible, clear, and easy to read with. You’ll want to reach for it again and again!

the magician tarot card pointing to a sign that reads "it's an authentic reflection of its creator, and not a carbon copy of something else"

2) It’s an authentic reflection of its creator.

This tarot deck is an authentic representation of who I am as an artist and a human. It reflects my personal style and subject matter that I’m deeply invested and interested in. I could have capitalized on what’s popular, or painted the deck in a style that’s more mainstream. Instead, I chose to create something that’s actually true to who I am rather than something that’s trendy or derivative.

I sincerely believe that when we allow our true natures to show through in the work we create, we make the world a better place. So many of us buckle to the pressure to be just like everyone else, and believe me, I get it. But if you believe in diversity of creation and you’re over the fact that everything looks the same these days, maybe hold off on purchasing your eighth cat tarot deck and take a chance on something different!

the magician tarot card pointing to a sign that reads, "real talk: it's cheaper now than it will ever be. Get on board!"

3) It’s more affordable now than it will ever be.

Real Talk: the moment the Kickstarter ends, I’m going to raise the price of this deck by $10 at least. There are quite a few reasons for this: it feels like it’s going to be more of a boutique deck than a big seller, I’m replacing the little white book with a full-sized guidebook, and I spent an entire year of my life making this thing! I also believe that the value of this deck will become much clearer once people get it in their hands and start reading with it.

I’m offering it at such a low price now because I want to thank the people who’ve been with me from the beginning. I want to extend my gratitude for their kindness and support through this process, and for helping me fund the deck before publishing it. If you want to take advantage of this, get in on the bottom floor and back the deck today!

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