TAROTSCOPES | December 2022

Welcome to your holiday season tarotscopes, Beauties! This month, I’m gathering guidance and insight from The Endless Oracle by Eric Maille to help you prioritize self-care during this hectic time. May these messages guide and inspire you, and don’t forget to read your moon and rising signs to gain a more holistic overview of the energies supporting you this month.

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Aries | The Dog

Heed the call of the wild this month, Aries. Your fiery nature demands the spontaneous dynamism of coloring outside of the lines, and you’re denying that nature too often. Perhaps the holiday parade of social events is pulling you away from your most authentic self. Perhaps your desire to please loved ones is fueling a more acceptable, “domesticated” expression of your personality. Perhaps you fear the dark unknown within you, and you’re ignoring your yearning to discover more. Whatever the cause, the solution is the same: take the time to explore who you are beyond the strict confines of social expectation. Insight awaits you in the depths of Self.

Taurus | The Knight

As you well know, Taurus, no one can be convinced to change. One must be inspired to change by the strong example of a being who lives confidently, kindly, and authentically. Challenge yourself to answer this question honestly, and not according to the popular views of the day: what change do you truly wish to see in the world, and how can you live the change you want to see? The world is filled with hypocrites espousing popular views that they neither live nor believe. If you’re brave enough to be true to yourself, you’ll inspire that bravery in others.

Gemini | The Fawn

You feel especially vulnerable this month, Gemini, and it’s no wonder–shadow triggers abound and tensions run high. Acknowledge how you’re feeling, even if that feeling reveals uncomfortable insights into the forgotten wounds still active in the soul of your inner child. It’s never too late to heal, and healing is something you’re strong enough to undertake. If you can, set aside some time this month to find where it hurts and forgive what needs to be forgiven. You may want to ignore these emotions and mask joy instead, but in doing so, you’ll miss a beautiful opportunity to create the kind of joy that’s true, lasting, and sustainable.

Cancer | The Bard

If you have a story to tell, Cancer, now is the time to tell it. Let your true self be known. Know that you’re strong enough to show who you are to those you care about most, and to weather the storm that may arise through the telling. If you’re hiding anything major, bring it out into the open. Let it breathe, and give others the opportunity to get to know you more. However, take care with whom you share. Don’t feel forced to reveal more than you want to those you neither trust nor know. Not all are prepared to be loving, kind, and accepting, and if they’re not ready for what you have to say, wait until they are to tell them.

Leo | The Gathering Clouds

The skies are preparing to unleash a torrent upon you, Leo–batten down the hatches and prepare to navigate a wild ride! You may find opportunities abound this month, so much so that you’re struggling to pick and choose. You may be in the midst of a dissolution of sorts, and you’re struggling to let go. You may sense that an emotional powder keg is about to explode in one or more relationships. Whatever the case may be, it’s best for you to find a safe space to ride out the storm. Try not to take on any more than you can handle, and approach each obstacle one step at a time. If you play your cards right, you might just make it through without a scratch!

Virgo | The Pair

It’s time to show deep care and consideration for your loved ones, Virgo. Set aside time to nurture each other. Choose the connection your share with those you care about most over being right. Know that’s it’s worthwhile for you to invest energy into these relationships, because what they offer and provide is priceless. Tell those you love and that you love them, and show care and appreciation for the many ways that they enrich your life. You’ll feel better about them, better about you, and better about the world at large.

Libra | The Mountain

Though the obstacle you face seems insurmountable, Libra, you’re more than capable of overcoming it. Take what you need for the journey. Pace yourself and take rests when necessary. If the weather becomes too dangerous, climb back down until conditions favor your ascent. If it makes sense, persevere. Ask for help when you need it, and know that accepting help is a strength, not a weakness. We discover who we are when we climb the mountains of our lives. Take this opportunity to grow and prevail.

Scorpio | The Forest

The forest tempts you to journey into the deeper parts of yourself, Scorpio. Although many of its paths are familiar to you, many remain hidden and unknown. Embrace the opportunity to uncover the missing piece to a puzzle you’ve been working on since you were born.

The forest holds the secret to life itself, and studying it will reveal your life to you. The next time you’re walking in the woods, pay attention to what you see. Find signs and symbols in the undergrowth, and apply your knowledge of them to your own experience. If you let the forest be your teacher, and you will learn much.

Sagittarius | The Lighthouse

A beacon is calling you home, Sagittarius–follow it. Listen to the gentle tug of intuition as it pulls you in the direction that serves and supports your most authentic expression of self. If you’ve been feeling lost–in your identity, career, relationships, spirituality–know that clarity is coming. Be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities so you know when to move forward and when to stay still. Just because the light shines bright doesn’t mean the journey towards it will be clear-cut. Listen to your heart, pay attention, and make choices from a place of sureness and stability.

Capricorn | The Herald

Tidings are coming your way, Capricorn. Open your ears and your heart and listen to what the universe is sharing with you. This message may take the form of a “big reveal” from a friend or a family member, or it may manifest as a sincere revelation from the High Priestess within. Whether it arrives with fanfare or in a whisper, pay close attention to it. Take note of how it makes you feel, and what it portends. Take the time you need to process and respond so that you’re doing so from a clear, heart-centered place. If it shakes your foundations a bit, don’t be afraid to double-down on self-care. In doing so, you serve both yourself and others.

Aquarius | The Fairy Ring

In Irish folklore, the fairy ring is known to be a trap set by the Fae to trick and capture unsuspecting humans. For this reason, Aquarius, this card urges you to keep your wits about you and take note of anything unusual or suspicious. Not everyone’s motives are pure, and it’s up to you to step away from those who may ensnare you.

I don’t want to encourage paranoia–most folk are kind and honest and lovely. Some folk, however, lack the self-esteem and strength or character needed to treat others in the ways they deserve. You may extend kindness and compassion towards those who are struggling without falling into the snares they often unwittingly build. Stay true to yourself, and you’ll have no problems avoiding the fairy ring when it visits you.

Pisces | The Figure by the Fire

In a month where many are filling their social calendars to the brim, you’re being invited to go inward, Pisces. Set aside time to spend in contemplation, meditation, and reflection. Engage in rituals for deep spiritual connection and self-care. Set healthy, appropriate boundaries, and don’t be tempted to transgress them if they upset those who don’t understand what you need and decide to take it personally. It’s okay to value your solitude. It’s okay to feel sacred when alone. Own this need for self-connection in the face of misunderstanding and criticism. Refill you cup when it need refilled.

May your holidays be bright, Beauty!

xoxo Jessi

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