Inner Child Tarot Spread

“The voice I finally heard that day was my own, the girl I’d locked away at ten years old, the girl I was before the world told me who to be. She said, here I am. I’m taking over now.” ~Glennon Doyle

Our inner child is the soft, vulnerable part of us that yearns for love and care. If we were raised in a healthy family environment, they often feel safe, confident, and supported. If we were raised in an unhealthy family environment, they often feel threatened, insecure, and unsupported.

The good news is that we can consciously heal our inner child by giving ourselves the love and support we may not have received from our caregivers. The Inner Child Spread offers the insight and guidance you need to reparent yourself and to heal and nurture the tender, vulnerable part of you.

Inner Child Tarot Spread

  1. What does my inner child need?
  2. What are they trying to communicate to me?
  3. How can I give them the care and support I was missing in childhood?
  4. How can I release any guilt or blame that my inner child is internalizing?
  5. How can I hold space for my inner child as I continue my spiritual journey?

When you read the cards in each position, pay close attention to your emotional and intellectual responses. Do you “agree” with the messages that the cards are conveying to you? If not, why? If so, where are these messages leading you?

Remember: tarot readings can only show us the door. We are the ones who must open it. Good luck on the next chapter of your journey, and may you take the next step on your life path with confidence and clarity!

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