True Love Waits Spread

When I was in middle school, high school, and–let’s face it–college, I anticipated Valentine’s Day the way I would a root canal.

Even when I was partnered, the holiday seemed false–buy chocolates and tchotchkes to show someone you truly love them. Granted, I was a bit jaded, but it seemed to me that if you were doing it right, you wouldn’t need a holiday like Valentine’s Day to show someone that you care.

Fast forward ten years and I find myself embracing the holiday again. Amidst running a business, weathering my partner’s career change, and raising a daughter, I find I’m not romantic as I once was. Not to mention that five years of marriage can put a bit of tarnish on a relationship–it’s harder to be sweet and selfless when you’ve weathered a storm or two and have seen sides of your partner that aren’t quite as rosy as the first impression they gave you.

The True Love Waits Spread  is designed both for those who are seeking a partner and those who’d like to find greater openness and intimacy within their current relationship. Consider it my Valentine’s gift to you (and believe me–I’ll be throwing this spread sometime in the coming week):

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