9 Three-Card Tarot Spreads for Love, Life, and More

When it comes to throwing a few cards for myself, my spread features three cards more often than not.

It’s not so much that I’m a fan of the past/present/future or thesis/antithesis/synthesis model; rather, I feel the messages I receive from three cards are just right in terms of jostling me into action. These are the spreads I use when I’m facing a minor setback or when I need some immediate clarity into a situation I’m already familiar with. If I’m dealing with some serious shadow or an earth-shattering event, I pull out the big guns. The three card spread is my “little gun,” so to speak (note to self: find a non-“gun” analogy to use in the future), and as such, is my most popular spread to use.

The following spreads are those I’ve created for self and clients alike. Their topics are both general and specialized. If you don’t find them immediately useful, tuck them away for a rainy day–you never know when you might need them!

And here they are, in no particular order…

Feeling Funky Spread

  1. Why am I feeling funky?
  2. How do I work with how I’m feeling to move forward in my day, my week, my month?
  3. What shouldn’t I do or give in to?

Welcoming Love Spread

The Illuminated Tarot
  1. Learning to let go and releasing what’s no longer useful.
  2. Advice on opening myself to the love that I seek.
  3. Moving forward: steps I can take to welcome the love I desire.

Strength, Confidence, Knowledge Spread

  1. From where may I draw strength?
  2. From where may I draw knowledge?
  3. From where may I draw confidence?

Recovery Spread

The Illuminated Tarot
  1. What do I need to heal?
  2. How can I hold space for myself while I recover?
  3. How might I welcome the help of others at this time?

Embrace the Shift Spread

  1. The source of the shift
  2. How to catalyze it.
  3. What this transformation will manifest.

Manifestation Spread

The Ostara Tarot
  1. What’s looking to be manifested?
  2. Actionable advice for implementing this change and bringing it into being.
  3. Paradigm shift: how can I become more open to the flow?

The Freedom Calling Spread

  1. Why does my heart yearn to feel free right now?
  2. What small, yet meaningful steps can I take right now to begin this process?
  3. What choices can I make to create a lifestyle that’s more flexible?

Mini Career Spread

The Illuminated Tarot
  1. What can I do to move towards happiness?
  2. What can I do to love what I do?
  3. Is there a certain path that I should pay closer attention to or let go of?

Block Buster Spread

  1. What’s tripping me up?
  2. How do I address my blocks effectively and self-lovingly?
  3. Do I need to double down or take a time out?

I thought I’d leave it at nine so you’d leave wanting just one more.

Don’t worry, Beauties. I feel a six-card spread collection coming on…

So Much Love,



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8 responses to “9 Three-Card Tarot Spreads for Love, Life, and More”

  1. These are great. I’m always interested in different spreads and like creating my own sometimes too. Often I feel like if I can just ask the right questions, that’s half the battle of getting the right answers, so having different spreads to work with helps very much with this.

    1. You’re so right when it comes to asking the right questions–how we frame our inquiries can have a huge impact on how well the reading turns out! I’m so glad you liked the spreads, and it’s awesome that you create your own!

  2. Thank you, these are great and very timely. I get stymied too, by the question and your spreads are like conversations that get the flow going.

    1. Awesome! I’m so glad that you like them and I hope they give you awesome messages!

  3. I LOVE these & can’t wait to try them! So glad I stumbled across you on Ethony’s Summer School, I totally loved your intuitive reading course, esp the comparison between the RWS & Wild Unknown (which I own but have never been able to read)! …And that deck in the manifestation spread above is REEEEEALLY calling my name….What is it? I feel I need it in my life! 😳😱

    1. I am so, SO glad that you enjoyed my summer school class, Jackie! The deck you’re lusting after is the Ostara Tarot–a personal favorite (and relatively affordable, too)! I hope the readings you do with these spreads provide you with precisely the messages you need. So much love <3

  4. I love these!! This was perfect for a newbie like myself!!!

    1. Awesome! I’m so glad that you found them useful!

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