Surviving A Spiritual Slump

Do you live, eat, breathe, and sleep moon phases? Are you able to meditate, perform ritual, do yoga, commune with your deities, and sage that shit on the daily? Are you constantly on your spiritual A-game with no signs of stopping or slipping away from the woo?

If so, I applaud you–you are the Super-Human New-Age Goddess we all revere and aspire to be.

If you’re a professed human being like myself, however, chances are that you fall out of touch with your inner-divine from time to time. In the woo community, this disconnection is generally referred to as a “spiritual slump,” and even though it’s incredibly natural and common, it causes many stress and concern.

So, what should we do if the flatline of spiritual malaise begins to sneak up on us? 

Attitudes vary. Some claim that periods of disconnection are part and parcel to the spiritual journey and that we should just ride them out while enjoying the beauty of the moment. Others recommend going through the motions until you (inevitably) reconnect with your practice. Still others claim that spiritual slumps are an indication that it’s time to move beyond current spiritual practice and experiment with new approaches and ideologies.

But what if none of these approaches works for you? What if you can’t shake yourself out of a slump and you can’t release your attachment to spiritual practice?

I was an atheist for the better part of a decade. You could say I “lost my religion” at the ripe age of fourteen–I wasn’t too keen on the patriarchal conception of God and I was far too logical, literal, and green to consider working with an archetypal pantheon. Instead, I took up the banner of nihilism and existentialism, and although it was something to believe in, it left me feeling empty, isolated, and hopeless.

This is no way to be. And I have the sneaking suspicion that these feelings prompt many to experiment with woo even though they don’t consider themselves particularly spiritual.

When I finally reconnected with this aspect of myself and rediscovered my place in the glorious All that is the universe, I was intoxicated by the feeling it gave me. Having lived a life apart for so long, all I desired was to prolong this oneness, this union. But, like so many things, this deep spirituality ebbs and flows, and the first time it ebbed, I have to admit that I was fairly devastated.

Spiritual slumps suck. And however true it may be, “this too shall pass” offers little comfort in the moment.

I feared that I was losing it again and that I would never get it back. I did all the things–performed ritual even though it no longer resonated, experimented with new approaches and ideologies, I consulted the tarot, and I tried to accept my slump period and take advantage of the opportunities it afforded me. Nothing seemed to help–I still felt lost and disconnected. And then, something wonderful happened–I felt my spirituality returning. I tried to pinpoint what had caused the shift, but I eventually realized that everything had caused it.

Ultimately, it was my dedication to being spiritual and living a spiritual life that brought the feeling back to me.

Even when I was sad and despairing, I persevered in living my truth, working my shadow, practicing compassion and forgiveness, spending time at my altar and receiving guidance and counsel from those who’ve been through similar experiences. Each of us works through our spiritual slumps in our own way, and if we truly wish for a deepened connection with the divine, we’ll have it.

So, how do you survive a spiritual slump? Hold space for yourself. Seek guidance and support from those you trust. And never give up hope that you’ll find your way back.

Much Love, Seekers,


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