3 Tarot Spreads for Planning + Goal Setting

It was roughly seven months ago that I self-initiated into the worldwide cult of paper planning and goal-setting.

Though I’ve always described myself as a free-spirit and a lovable scatterbrain, missing dates and forgetting deadlines was getting really old. I bit the bullet and bought myself a planner, but it regrettably stayed blank for weeks!

Determined not to waste my investment (and to get my shit together, by hook or by crook), I turned to my beloved tarot cards for guidance. The answer was clear: “Use me for planning. Design spreads with planning in mind. If you ever stray from the path, consult me again, and I’ll get you back on track.”

Not wanting to waste any more time, I heeded the advice and created a series of tarot spreads that I use to keep me excited and organized, and today is the glorious day where I share these spreads with you! May they serve you well, Beauty.

The Week Ahead Tarot Spread

Every Sunday night I grab a cup of tea, my planner, and a tarot deck and head into my bedroom to do this mammoth “bed spread.” I draw two cards for each day of the week. The first (bottom) position indicates my focus, and the second (top) position indicates the obstacle I’ll face on that day. The layout looks a little something like this:

Tarot spread with the Genius Garden Tarot

The Genius Garden Tarot

I find this spread helpful in terms of deciding where to put what–which day’s best to write a blog post, to make a video, to do readings, to clean and go grocery shopping…you get the idea. Likewise, I become mindful of the potential roadblocks I’ll face as I work through my week–this awareness helps me to remain calm and centered when they inevitably arise.

The “Daily Draw” Planning Tarot Spread

Many of us in the tarot community are committed to the daily draw–a card pulled every day to give us a message or affirmation we can use to help guide us through our day. I rather like to draw three cards–morning, noon, and night–to help me decide which tasks I’m going to do when. If I receive the High Priestess in the morning, I’ll use that time to meditate and do some self-reflection. The appearance of a Wands card at noon let’s me know it’s time to get some serious shit done, and Pentacles in the evening point to finance or family life. The goal here isn’t necessarily to force oneself to do certain tasks at certain times (Not all of us have the luxury to arrange our days in this way), but rather to get us thinking about our priorities, remind us of our responsibilities, and attune us to things we didn’t consider.

tarot spread with the genius garden tarot

The Genius Garden Tarot

The “Reboot” Planning Tarot Spread

We’ve all been there–plans fall apart, we get sick, we encounter resistance, we run out of time. One of the worst things we can do in this situation is toss our planner aside in hopelessness and frustration. When you’re feeling like you just can’t even in terms of what you wanted to do, grab your deck and give The Reboot Spread a shot. It’s designed to help you make concessions and alterations so you allow yourself the proper self-care without letting your intentions fall by the wayside.

1. What’s the most important task to prioritize this week?
2, Which task can I drop or put off until I’m feeling more up to it?
3. What self-care practice do I need to engage with to help me get back to center?

Planning can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you’re exactly like me someone for whom “organization” is a dirty word. But if you have a deck of cards, a passion for tarot, and a willingness to try, these spreads should help you transition from mess to success in two shakes of a lamb’s tail (bonus points if you get the reference)!

Much Love and Happy Planning,


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  3. Sarah Whitlock Avatar
    Sarah Whitlock

    Hi! So I did your three card reboot spread, and I just had a quick question. For the second question my card was the seven of swords, and I wasn’t sure what that meant. Should I leave off tasks that I’ve been avoiding for a while because I’m not quite up to it yet? Or is it that I need to set aside the deception and roundabout behavior that hasn’t been working for me? For reference, if it’s relevant, my first card was Five of Wands and my third card was The Empress.

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