“No Frills” Tarot Series: The Family (Un)ties Spread

When old grudges meet fresh blood in a perfect storm of heart-wrenching awfulness, the first spark of the family feud is struck. Whatever the reason, family discord is the worst, and we can often use a helping hand when working through the conflict.

Enter the “Family (Un)ties Spread”, an arrangement that’s designed to help you save yours (I feel like I’m pitching laundry soap on a radio variety show). And here’s your spread:


  1. How can I maintain a healthy distance?
  2. How can I release judgement?
  3. What can I do to help?
  4. What part do I play in this situation?

I threw this spread a while back with the Thoth, and it seemed to work out pretty well. I imagine that it’d work pretty well with any straight-shooter deck, but if you decided you didn’t want the “No Frills” version, a macro deck like The Osho Zen could give you a pretty intense read. Likewise, throwing cards from an oracle deck in this spread could lead to a wild exercise in abstract interpretation (actually, that sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.)

Much Love and Happy Cardslinging,


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