“No Frills” Tarot Series: “Shit’s Going Down” Spread

Hello, Beautiful People.

Welcome to the “No-Frills” Tarot Series, a collection of bare-bones tarot spreads designed to give you straight answers in record time. These are the spreads I throw in the AM before I start my day, in the afternoon when I need to get back on task, and in the evening when I’m looking for some pre-zzz’s clarity.

Today, I’m sharing a spread that I threw post-election. I like to call it the “Shit’s Going Down” Spread, because it’s designed to bring you back to center when something bat-shit crazy or super-upsetting happens. And here it is:


Mary El Tarot, Schiffer Publishing, 2012

  1. What do I do for myself?
  2. What do I do for others?
  3. How do I move forward?

Try and limit yourself to a paragraph interpretation. Force yourself to be brief and direct. In my case, I pulled The Magician, Strength, and The Fool respectively. My interpretation went a little something like this:

Thing “sovereign”. Think “in charge of your own agency”. You are Neo saying no to the bullets. You have the power to rise above this. Use it. “You have a willingness to accept all that comes your way and the courage to remain steadfast in adversity”. Therefore, be a source of strength and resilience for your community at this time. Look at this as an opportunity for a brand new perspective, a brand new approach. You can change how you act in response to this.

Happy Cardslinging,


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2 responses to ““No Frills” Tarot Series: “Shit’s Going Down” Spread”

  1. Thanks, that’s a good spread. Three good things to consider in the midst of bat-shit crazy. It’s always important to think of others – that’s where we can get a lot of our strength.

    1. I agree! I’m so glad you enjoyed it <3

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