“No Frills” Tarot Series: Biz Spread

Hello, Beautiful People.

Welcome to the “No-Frills” Tarot Series, a collection of bare-bones tarot spreads designed to jolt you back into action. These are the spreads I throw on the reg, the spreads that spontaneously manifest themselves when I need some straight-up, no bullshit advice to keep me focused and motivated. And since I’ve accumulated so many over the course of my tarot study (tarot for life!) I figure, why not share them?

Our first installment is for the self-starters, the go-getters, the girlbosses and the girlboss wannabes. This spread came to me a few days ago when I was having a bit of a biz pity party and I needed some tough-loving guidance to jolt me out of it. I call it the “No-Frills” Biz Spread.


  1. Limiting Beliefs
  2. Strengths
  3. Weaknesses
  4. What Needs Channeling
  5. Actionable Advice
  6. How to Connect

And there you have it. My lovely tarot/witchy sister Asali Earthwork caught this one over on Instagram and said that it would go perfectly with the Madam Clara Sees All! Indie Fortune Tellers Deck. Even though I threw this spread with the RWS Centennial, I’m thinking the Thoth would probably be a decent choice as well (talk about a tough love deck). I’d love to hear about results if you give this spread a shot!

Stay tuned for many more “No-Frills” Spreads, and until next time, Much Love!


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