Full Moon Tarot Spread

My, how I love a full moon. It jostles my inner-child into consciousness–I’m practically giddy as I watch the moon rise above the horizon and present her gorgeous swell over the earth. Her radiant glow is like healing nectar; I bask in it, bathe in it until I feel drunk with its magic and beauty. I climb onto my roof and converse with the Moon Goddess, thank her for all that she has bestowed upon me, and feel generally high off of gratitude and good vibes.

And of course, I perform magick. Nearly every full moon I completely witch out–sage, incense, crystals, sigils, candles, mojo bags…the list goes on. And I love it. But most importantly, I attune myself to my personal power, my divine femininity, and my ability to stand strong in the face of challenges and hardships. Being the cardslinger I am, I throw this spread to tap into these energies.


1. (center) Your node of personal power.
2. (above) Your transformative aspect.
3. (clockwise) Your creative aspect.
4. Your heart chakra correspondences.
5. Your holistic wellness.
6. The font of your prosperity.
7. The strength of your protection.

The spread itself is like a holistic blueprint of my current position in the moon cycle. Seeing as I’m at my peak, it reads incredibly positively (which is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered). Even so, it gives me guidance on where I need to direct my energies as well as where my energies will be most productive.

Happy Reading, Moon Mavens.



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